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Summary: Alphys remains quiet.
Frisk is imprisoned in an unescapable hell above the surface with her children and her only friend in the world, Flowey. She should be there for the rest of her life. That is until the day the monsters learned the truth about the ‘Pacifist Child’. Armed with new knowledge of not only Frisk, but some heinous things mankind itself has done, Asgore receives a peace offering he can’t refuse . . . while Alphys remains quiet.
But when Sans finds out that Frisk’s children are actually his own little brothers, the game of righteousness Asgore wants to play becomes dicey. And things will only get worse until Alphys no longer remains quiet.
Que Sera, Sera . . .

Chapter 1: Flowey’s Better At Being Evil Than Good

Chapter 2: My Little Monsters 

Chapter 3: The Sins of Humans

Chapter 4: Capturing the Human

Chapter 5: Papyrus’ Fight

Chapter 6: Asgore’s Trident, Frisk’s Secret

Chapter 7: Mettaton’s Broadcast

Chapter 8: No Baby Sister?

Chapter 9: A Fight of MEGA Lovania Proportions

Chapter 10: Frisk’s Viney Hero

Chapter 11: An Uncomfortable Conversation

Chapter 12: Frisk’s New Problem

Chapter 13: Detective Sans and Flowey

Chapter 14: Unbreakable Rules

Part 2: Genocide Path

Chapter 15: A Frisk Full of Love

Chapter 16: Lying Sans, Mad Frisk

Chapter 17: What Happened To Me With A Side of Glamburger

Chapter 18: Frisk’s Ultimatum

Chapter 19: Doctor Sans and Doctor Papyrus

Chapter 20: Concerning A Mouse Getting The Cheese

Chapter 21: Concerning A Scarf

Chapter 22: Something A Little Tsundere

Chapter 23: Skelebros Vs. Asgore

Chapter 24: Iron Chains of the Body and Soul

Chapter 25: No Room at the Hotel

Chapter 26: Spider Donuts and Juice

Chapter 27: Ripped Paper on the Floor

Chapter 28: Don’t. Trigger. Him.

Chapter 29 Friendliest

Chapter 30: Hello Again

Chapter 31: Spear of Forgiveness

Chapter 32: Upping the Ante

Chapter 33: Didn’t Know He was Filled with LOVE

Chapter 34: Sans Comes First

Chapter 35: No Flashlight In the Dark

Chapter 36: Glitter Buns

Chapter 37: The Power of Pasta

Chapter 38: Who’da Thunk It?

Chapter 39: Sweet Family Moments

Chapter 40: Cruel Comedy

Chapter 41: Perfectly Imperfect

Part Three: Pacifist Path

Chapter 42: Goodbye Flowey

Chapter 43: Childhood Lost

Chapter 44: Keep Her Grounded

Chapter 45: Tomatoes, Onions, No Jalapenos

Chapter 46: Don’t Slaughter Your New Son-In-Law

Chapter 47: Lettered Jacket

Chapter 48: Before They Were Ready

Chapter 49: Which One?

Chapter 50: Can You At Least Try To Drive Right?

Chapter 51: Really Good Actors

Chapter 52: Coffee and Tea

Chapter 53: Reserving Judgment

Chapter 54: Red, Yellow, and Blue Flowers

Chapter 55: Killer Greetings

Chapter 56: Green Paradise

Chapter 57: The Real Shattered

Chapter 58: An Undeserved Chance

Chapter 59: Dead Inside

Chapter 60: It’s Not Cod

Chapter 61: Paradise and Liberty

Chapter 62: Had, Has, and Will Come (Ending)