I want this site to be as fluid as possible meaning very little pages, just a click and pick what to read. However, some things should get an explanation because they aren’t completely self-explanatory.

  1. It’s complicated: This category is used for books that were once finished and around the web years ago, but are no longer around in full, and I am republishing them. So technically they are complete but I can’t give them complete to the reader yet. (They also might be undergoing some editing.)
  2.  Juvenile: I got better at writing as I got older, so my earliest works won’t be the best. Some of these receive no cover just a colored background.
  3. Exclusives: it means it can only be found on this site. There are four reasons for this:
  • a. Not fully thought out yet: I have just the beginning ideas for a story.
  • b. Updates are too slow: When something gets out there, then I.  should be able to update it at least once a week for readers. If I cannot, then it’s not ready. Or, if I have too many projects going on.
  • c. Only site readers will enjoy it.: This usually pertains to An Apocalyptic Fairytale. You can read many books separately but if you follow the pattern the site gives you, then you can understand these in-between stories.
  • d. There are alternative stories: While I decide to take one path with a story, I actually had another path I wanted to go too. Since these paths are still the same story up to a small point, I cannot publish both ways off the site. So, only site viewers get to experience the new way. (This does not include edited for other sites fanfiction. These are so different they are practically brand new.)


Complete: complete might be complete on or off-site, or if you see no links, I will probably have it up soon, but the site is under some construction so just give it a bit. If you see complete on a story for some time but no links to it, just email me. It probably just got lost in the mix.

Even in the book world there is no exact page or word count that everyone agrees on, so I’ve decided on this for my length scale.

  1. Epic novel: Can’t or nearly can’t fit inside what would be one bound book without access to Stephen Kings bookbinding people. Somewhere around 150k words, it turns into this.
  2. Novel: It would fit in as a regular book if it were bound.
  3. Novella: Skinny novel. From about 20k to 40k about. Not thin enough to be a one-shot, nowhere thick enough to be a novel.

Little Terms not associated with length:

One-Shot: Small stories or sometimes a prequel. Some will be 11k, but most will be less than 10k. Some might even be less than 2k.

Sugar high one shot: I think only in juvenile. Outlandish and ridiculous, usually out of character.

Songfic: Not the whole thing is a song, but it may have words of a song in it. Seen mostly in Animaniacs, where vocal music was used a lot.


Rating scale: Original books still don’t have a rating scale, so we will go with the fiction rating scale for everything. From Fiction rating. (I wish published books would actually follow this rating system too.)

Extra fact: The MPAA Ratings were often used to display the intensity of events in a book considering that is what people were used to, however they were not pleased being used in such a manner. Many published book summary pages will still use these because they don’t know better, but fiction came up with it’s own rating so they wouldn’t get in trouble. Hence, these new terms were born. At first they were barely used, and then a few sites picked up on it, then efiction (a freesource program that made it easy to run a fanfiction archive) used it but I don’t think it became more mainstream until fanfiction.net adapted itself to it as well.


5+: Basically safe enough for a five-year-old. No coarse language. Not really violent. No adult themes.


9+. Might have a little coarse language. A little violence but not serious injury. No adult themes.


13+. Some coarse language. Can contain some violence. A little adult theme.


16+. Adult themes, but not explicit, coarse language, and can contain violence.


18+. Everything for M, but also contains either detailed descriptions of graphic sex and/or graphic violence.