I have written a lot over the years, but I thought I would go ahead and put in a section to show off what I believe my best top five books were. Now there’s no kind of voting, these are the best because . . .

  1. I never wanted to leave the world: I wanted to stay there and write more and more everyday.
  2. It flowed like a stream in my mind, I never really felt stuck, or like something didn’t belong. These books streamed through my conscious thought without many hurdles.
  3. At the time I wrote it, it made some kind of impact on me that was long lasting.

So here they are, the top best five stories I wrote. This may contain old fiction, new fiction, and even unedited fiction. However, it only includes those that are finished.







  1. Conduit Tale- Undertale Fanfiction

Conduit Tale was written during a time in my life where I was deciding what to do with myself. Things got bad with my published books and I hadn’t written something just for me in ages. It gave me the courage to test my skills and what I wanted to write to see what would happen, and not be afraid of the results.

Even though the outcome wasn’t what I wanted, in a way, this story set me free from all the burden I was putting on myself. I got a double bonus too as several people enjoyed it.






2. Just An Experiment- Animaniacs Fanfiction

Momma mia. I loved Just An Experiment. It was the first Animaniacs fanfiction I ever wrote for the public, and I enjoyed it a ton. The reviews kept me writing at least one new chapter a day. I hardly slept during this time, I was just as excited as readers to write the next part.

Just An Experiment tears my heart up though because fanfiction.net shot it down. Over 400 reviews just gone. It was taken down before ff.net changed many rules, so it was banned. However, I loved this so much, that even though it doesn’t get a ton of readers anymore, I am still re-editing (slightly. Lots of !!! and caps all over the place) and reposting it, plus adding bonus sections of writing that I didn’t distribute to ff.net last time.

3. Sweet Cure: Original Fiction

There is this strange love/hate relationship that I felt for it when I first published it. It had different names, people hated it, but people were buying it like crazy. It was really strange. I didn’t realize it as a beginning writer but people enjoyed the story, but I was still too amateur in my writing to put it out with that professional touch it really needed. (We are talking more than editing.) So they loved the story but hated the writing. Now I rewrote parts, and did a lot of editing, a lot of cutting out slow-moving parts, and it is now a really good story that I love to read. I also gave it a different name too, and I will be publishing it free here soon through my distributor Pronoun, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

During the first round, I was taking care of my little girl (who was a toddler) and trying to write and have a life. It made for some unresolved feelings that spiraled and turned.

(Note: This book isn’t about being healthy or you die. Someone said that once to me, that they think I’m on a mission. I’m not vegan or vegetarian. I love sweets, fried foods, and even though I’m gluten free I will eat anything I can that’s junk food that doesn’t have gluten in it.:) (And that’s not health, that’s because it gives me terrible migraines for 2-3 days). Thinking the whole meaning is that, is like saying the creator of Killer Tomatoes was trying to make people avoid vegetables or something.







4. Best Man Steals the Bride- Inuyasha Fanfiction

Want to see an Inuyasha writer cry? Wipe out it’s nearly 650 reviews. Want to see an Inuyasha fan cry? Take away a story they treasured forever. (Cursing ff.net again.)

I literally had fans hunt me down, somehow finding my own email, so that they could ask where this had gone. I sent them to a few sites (that are now long gone.) The Best Man Steals the Bride was another victim of ff.net. Since I wasn’t writing fanfiction at this time, instead concentrating on raising a family and everything, away it went.

It’s a long time coming, but I am happy to say I will be bringing the Best Man Steals the Bride back out. It used a lot of subtle touches inside of it that reminded me of my college, and I wrote it during my college days. Whenever I open it up and start reading, I remember my professors and the dorm rooms . . . and it takes me back. Even though it won’t get nearly the reception it used to, I really don’t mind. I feel like I owe the fans a chance just to have it out there to read again.






5. Welcome Home-Animaniacs Fanfiction

This one was tough to pick. I love a lot of my work, but I did it.

This book changed the way I wrote. Before this, I wrote almost nothing but humor. I just wanted feel good pieces that made me laugh but while I started writing this at the very beginning, I had two life-changing events happen.

I found out I was pregnant. (Which was good, we were trying for pregnancy and ready to raise a family.) And at the same time, my father in law was diagnosed with cancer and would only live, at his longest, up until before the baby was born.

Let me tell you. Picking out pregnancy clothes with your father in law, and knowing he’d never see you unpregnant again, it can stir some feelings. So, with those in mind, I created this tragic comedy. It was the first step into a strange void of my life, and I used this inspiration to continue my first original work. So if it seems like it’s a little on the spot with two brothers and a sister, you know why. (It was extremely hard to do this! It took me six years of developing my writing ability to create from it.)

The Great Destruction was inspired by this book too. Different personalities, situations, characters, and all the copyrighted jazz but yes definitely inspired by it.