Welcome to my fiction website. I have everything from my Original Books to Undertale Books here that I’ve written. Simply pick what you like. There is nothing to buy, it’s all free. Most is on other sites, some is exclusive to the site. If you have any questions or comments, check the FAQ or email me at the banner below. Thanks and enjoy the site! Serena Spacey/Melanie Ray.


Complete: Book is Complete On-Site

In Progress: Story is moving along at least a chapter a month or so, most likely a week or weekly.

Editing: Story has been complete at least once on the internet but it is either in editing due to grammar, isn’t finished on the internet at the moment, and/or not finished on this site yet.

Slow Progress: Story updates less than once monthly. Not all the kinks are worked out. It’s one of my back stories that I love but I don’t have lots of time to dedicate to it yet or it has a complicated plot that I work on slowly for the best effect. (If you fall for a Slow Progress story, please email me. I tend to move things more up in status when it holds other people’s interest too.



Recent Updates for the site appear below:

April 19th, 2018: Migraine completely threw me off today. It was annoying, but I figured I should let you guys know about some good changes. First of all the link ‘which story/stories do you like?’ is a poll. I realize while I can see what is dominating by views, I should also let others that observe and visit the site also get some voice. There is no guarantee that I will work super hard on what is on there (because my site data shows other things to consider, as well as I work on everything here eventually), but if I know there is someone out there who is waiting on something specifically? I will try to pay it a little closer attention.

Second, I remodeled my Apocalyptic Fairytales to also be Apocalyptic Legends. I realize with my newfound freedom, I really should not only let an audience read the isolated tales if they want, but I should also be working on the true story below the hood again. And I am going to be a lot more eager to work on it again if I can work the way I used to on it. In parts. It will update in parts instead of books, which is more of what I missed in the first place.

Third, I’ve been fixing my Animaniacs up too, and I’ve also enlarged the current posts by twenty so that when I write more than a couple of chapters, everyone can still get a brief look at what is updating as a whole instead of just one new thing I am putting in.

That’s about it. Thanks for stopping by.:)



I hope you like the new designs to the site. Mostly, the addition of book covers and the words that best fit them. So far, I have In Editing and In Progress. Both of these have huge meanings. In Progress means the story had never been finished and so it is In Progress. The other is editing, but it’s not completely just editing. Some is editing, while some hasn’t been published in it’s entirety for years and/or it is done but not done on the site. In short editing covers almost everything that isn’t complete and/or In Progress.

I am going to add two more banners to my books. Complete. (Must be complete on site to be able to have this banner) and Slow Progress (Means the updates for the story are sporadic.) I am also going to be making all the covers to all the books in each section so that people can tell right away how many books there are in each step. This will give the biggest amount of info without wasting space on the side, as well as lets someone find and see whether they want to spend time clicking on a section. Waiting for a certain Inuyasha? Covers say it’s not there. Waiting for an Undertale to finish before you start? Welp, it doesn’t say complete yet. Simple things like that. (Will have to make an entire page layout for Apocalyptic Fairytales Collection.)

I am also going to add my author box back in here, but it is going to be like a forewarning not to comment. Not everyone will see it, but I get dredged in spam. Most days my spam filters just go to work for me. Commentry usually comes from the sites my stuff is posted on, or directly to my email. (See above.)


February 22nd, 2018: Ah, I did it! Sometimes I have to find that ‘knack’, that certain feel, that certain love before I feel I am ready to bring something out. Under the Tell-Tale Game broke into that feel. As of now, the first six chapters have been turned into Under the Tell-Tale Game Prequel, so that the audience can see firsthand how everything had gone down. Next to come is Momma Toriel Didn’t Raise No Pacifist. I am just starting, and I can feel tingles running through my fingers. Different and so exciting. The cover differences are below too. Too too awesome, I love it.

I am combining these into one.

February 14th, 2018: Happy Valentines Day. Updates are now super easy for everything. Site bar is fixed, you can see what updates daily, and I am now starting to add some more exclusive titles. I have a little to fix now, like getting the categories fixed better, and actual links to book places but other than that, really pleased with the site. I hope you are too. I will be adding a couple more pages, but other than that, everything looks great. Now, I need to leave. Now that my calendar is in place, you can see how much I am really doing each day. Who has time for idle chit chat? Go read a book! Want a Valentine’s day book for today? Missing Cupid is a cute fantasy romance, a small novel you can finish in an hour or two. For something a little darker, Paradox Valentines might be up your alley. Enjoy your day.:)

February 9th, 2018: I didn’t think the calendar could get any better. While it works fantastic for me to see at a glance my responsibilities, it was a little annoying for site visitors themselves. Not anymore. If you look on the page bar, you can see just the stories that updated on the site itself. It is on daily for your ease, but you can change it to whichever view you would like. (Monthly has a lovely thing where you click it and everything shows below the calendar instead of opening on new page. You might like that.) I even left a link straight to the book page so you don’t have to go fishing around the site for it. I love it, and I hope you do too.:)
I also wrote a FAQ post about the Calendar pacing in general.

February 7th, 2018: Updated the site and the events, but couldn’t do anything on wattpad. It wasn’t working for me today. Shoot.

February 3rd, 2018: So, I got my computer back temporarily. My new power supply it seems didn’t mesh with my graphics card and monitor, so I have to fork over my computer later on again so that the new graphics card can be installed. (Boo.) But still, I got a new monitor. It is huge, much bigger than my original monitor. It feels like a small TV set, I love it! I am getting used to it though, and I was happy I got it back to at least write my next chapter of Genocidal Pacifist.

It took longer to update things without my computer, but I’m happy to report I am almost on time with everything again according to the events, including Reckoning Tale. I have to stay up with that, ten chapters every two days or I am just not going to get to 104 chapters. I also caught up with Sweet Cure, Chapter 30, which was impossible before because it was only available on my computer.

I also got a page count view, so I can see what stories the majority of readers are enjoying too.

February 1st 2018: Technician for computer is sick. Nyuh.:\ I am going to have to use my tablet to do some updating now. I can’t update sweet cure, but I will try to update JAE and some Reckoning Tale.

1/31/2018: My computer is gone, at least for now. It is getting upgrading memory and (hopefully) a new graphics card. I was supposed to get it back at noon today, but best laid plans of mice and all that . . . anyhow, I am using my husband’s computer. It took awhile just to get logged into wordpress, and I really don’t want to hunt for how to long into wattpad. (I usually depend on my computer’s already logged in status. And it turns out my most used passwords weren’t working.) So, I can’t do anything on wattpad until then, and it feels a little foreign to type on someone else’s computer. Especially when I am not used to a mouseless computer.

So today I am probably just going to work on fixing my site navigation. I like the ability to navigate, but I don’t like how small everything became too, it feels awkward, so I am going to make something different for that. I will fix my Calendar tomorrow too. After I get my lovely computer back.

1/29/2018: Navigation has been fixed to be as detailed as people want, or as brief as they want, all nicely tucked away in the menu. (Was not easy.) Using Tags, Categories, and a lot of time, I really like it. I know it looks like it probably makes it extend out further or something? (It does to me.) It doesn’t though. The text is smaller, more can fit in it, but it is that long no matter what you put in the menu.

Okay, so I think I’ve made some decent progress, but I also have to get my house cleaned this week. Sparkling clean. Not only that, but getting all of Conduit Tale on Wattpad and the site was . . . hard. And I still have so much more to do, not just of Undertale. Everything. So?

I am going to try instead . . . (lots of stuff, tldr,) and edit some of my content to be put on fanfiction.net for a younger crowd to enjoy.

I am going to get a calendar for the site and start scheduling updates on it, so that everyone can be on the same track (as well as me because I have sooo much) on what is coming and when. Unless I get a good day when I am bored and I can put up like sixty chapters, I need to have a little more organization. After all, I can’t do this all day. Writing is my reward for keeping a clean house. I don’t get paid for it, I love it. Writing, not cleaning. I have to keep that healthy balance.

So far though? I really like how far my adrenaline has taken me! There should be plenty for everyone to read (including a whole 61 chapters of Conduit Tale) as well as original (Sweet Cure now has ten chapters up to read.) So just dig in, and have fun.:)

1/25/2018: I was sick for a little bit, but I was still working hard in the meantime. I have all of Conduit Tale up on the site, and I also have A Chorus of Falling Leaves, Missing Cupid, and Finding Home up on the Site for Apocalyptic Fairytales. Also, I have added my first chapter to Wrong Turn, my Sonic.EXE story. Pretty decent amount for being sick.:)

1/19/2018: One of the funnest things about fixing my site to be read again like it’s long distance days, is that I get to read little bits of whatever I post over here. Honestly, sometimes I forget to keep working because I need to stop and read. Quite fun. Still, I have got a pretty good distance already.

-Animaniacs The Bet is completely up

-Animaniacs JAE is edited up to Chapter 15 (and I am editing it on Wattpad and AO3 as well.)

-Apocalyptic Fairytale Books-Apocalypse Boy- Complete

-Apocalyptic Fairytale Books-Soulmate to Mister Umbrella-Complete

-Apocalyptic Fairytale Books-Project Wolf-Complete

-Apocalyptic Fairytale Books-Which Reality-Complete

-Apocalyptic Fairytale Books-Saving Mrs. Claus- Complete

Not bad so far. I have also added banners on the story so you can see the level of completion. I am making a page exclusively for just banners too, for others who would rather surf fast and find something complete. It’s just not public yet.

1/14/2018: I am currently working on the site. It is technically in a ‘closed for maintenance’ sort of phase, but you can see what I’ve been up to anyhow. Just don’t bump the lumber on the floor.:) I have a new blog post called New Year Resolution-Accepting Reality. From this point on, I am not really going to post anything in the Blog section unless I feel it has merit to be there. I am currently getting Just An Experiment up for it’s latest chapters without edits, but will steadily add the edits as time goes by. (I must be careful, I don’t want to change the actual story. I just need to get rid of all the exclamation I tended to use in my early days.) I also have The Bet starting to get it’s chapters up too. Completed.