Why did eternal creatures have to be so difficult to kill? Vanessa took a few steps back, knowing the warning signs of others that did not agree with her. She was almost twenty-five now, and at the age of twelve she’d been taken by the will of the aliens on her travels, to save dimensions from ripping apart.

For all the mysteries in the universe, love was one of the biggest mysteries. But, there really was no mystery. As atoms attracted, so did people. As people attracted, so did planets. So forth and so on with galaxies, solar systems, and dimensions. Magnetic attraction, the gravity kept within all spaces. Without magnetism, everything would be undone.

That was love. It was simply magnetism. When things went wrong in a universe and it became unbalanced, the magnetism was like two north ends. There needed to be another force between them to make it work. A second planet. Love was science. Science was love.

Vanessa tapped her dagger against her leg. She did keep weapons on her also, but she knew that using one while trying to kill this lover in front of her, would not work. He was an entity that was not considered a god, but had immense powers like one. He could not break into other dimensions, but he could also break through dreams in other dimensions. A powerful creature with psychic connections in dreams so powerful, he had names in almost every world – King of Fright, Boogeyman, Monster in the Ground, and Monster Under the Bed were only some of his names. The name he went by the most though, was Boogeyman. However, it had a specific connotation when used – a thing that caused nightmares in children. He was not something so simple however, and over the years, she attributed a different name to him. “Nightmare King.”

He was an entity with no solid body that hid in the darkness of a nightmare dimension. Although unable to travel across worlds, he had found love with a psychic connection to a dream fairy. Every night, he met the dream fairy within her dreams, and in the dream fairy’s world, what happened in dreams had consequences in reality.

“Nightmare King, I know that you understand why my presence has been called back here. Again.” A dream fairy who helped with nightmares, and a frightening creature that thrived on giving them. They were not a pair that could ever have a child without disastrous consequences.

That was her duty – to stop lovers from having dangerous children across dimensions. Many times the tasks to accomplish that were simple, but every so often, they included taking drastic measures. The alien Nightmare King was no exception. She had underestimated him once when she was twelve. The bastard sealed her up in a dark abyss, and she couldn’t escape for some time.

That was when she was a novice. This time, she wouldn’t be caught off guard. “You must cease your relationship with the dream fairy, or she must take a barren serum.” Reaching into a bag on her side, she scooted some darts away and grabbed a small vial of liquid, already measured for a perfect dose. “Or you could take the serum. That would be even better.”

Around her, she heard howling winds and screams. This was the Nightmare King’s language, but the alien gods had granted her the gift of understanding all languages in her travels, and she understood him clearly.

“Everything else in existence gets to have children. I have been here since time began, and I’ve never had anyone. I want a son, and I want the dream fairy!”

“She is not meant for you,” Vanessa said calmly to the winds. “Fate will not let it happen.”

“I will determine fate. I will determine your fate, Apocalypse Girl.”

Déjà vu. Vanessa remembered what happened last time he said that. It was the reason she had waited so long to face him again. He was more than just eternally powerful, he was also a reminder of a past she wanted to bury. “Don’t try it. I’m not twelve anymore.”

“Twelve or twelve hundred. You can’t defeat me.” The winds howled as they tore through the sky. They whipped through her hair, causing small cut marks along her face. “Not alone, which is what you are. It is what you always are now.”

“Shut up,” she said involuntarily. He was hitting a sore spot, and he knew it. “I don’t feel alone.”

“If not, then why do you still go by the name ‘Vanessa’? The name the one who was cast into Hell gave you?”

She would not be deterred. “It’s never been done before, but I will kill you if I have to, Nightmare King.” Vanessa could only do her small part to keep the worlds turning. “If she conceived now, with as much of a mess as the other alien gods have made, you will shatter what little connection holds you together.”

“Don’t try me. I can’t be killed. You, on the other hand, I could send straight down again. This time, alone, with not a soul in the world to care. The gentle boy you once knew would never come for you this time.”

“Don’t start.” Vanessa closed her eyes, but he was already doing it. She was in the Nightmare Realm, and the controller of nightmares was right in front of her. For a year when she was twelve, she lived in his world, and his psychic abilities were going to make her relive it.

He was going to make her remember the boy who had been thrown into Hell.

Her time at the Nightmare Realm had been longer than she had predicted. During that time, she had come to know Dominic. On her wrist she held a watch that kept track of her real time. Traveling through dimensions could muck up keeping track of something even as simple as a twenty-four hour day. Held captive, they could do nothing but haunt one woman’s dreams. When they were not bothering the woman in her dreams, they were forced to be together in the darkness. Over time, Apocalypse Boy showed the weaker signs of the inferior.

He wanted to talk and be friendly. He shared how much he hated being called ‘Apocalypse Boy’. “I’m not even a boy, I’m a teen at least,” he would say. Once, he tricked her into finding a name she liked the sound of, and he started to call her by that name.

It was Vanessa. The name she held as her own to that day.

Honestly though, it couldn’t be ignored. A weak support trait or not, Dominic had become her ‘friend’. It was nice, but she knew it would not last because he was fated to hurt her. Not intentionally of course, he was a charming boy, but they were elemental opposites. Enemies since birth, traveling together would only kill them as one succeeded over the other.

She tried to hide the wound he created with his presence, but eventually he noticed it. She had no choice on that day but to give in, and tell him their destiny against each other. When he found out, he gave his loyalty to the Nightmare King in order to save her.

It all haunted her mind again. The dark abyss. The betrayal afterward.

“The memory trip did nothing,” Vanessa said, trying to make it stop. The wind got stronger and the dirt started to smack up against her body and face, forcing her backward until she reached a wooden wall. Still, she wouldn’t cower. “Remembering moments of childhood – was that supposed to make me grant you pity? To remember I once had someone who cared, for me – was that supposed to have spared you?”

“It was necessary before you met him again.”

Huh? Vanessa turned around and saw a wolf. As he landed he transformed into a human.

A shapeshifter. Nothing special, they were everywhere. She held her dagger horizontally in front of her. “Who are you, creature?”

He strolled up to her casually, but then his hands moved faster than hers. The dagger was out of her hands and into his. He flipped the dagger around in his free hand.

“Try again, Vanessa,” The Nightmare King howled through the darkness. “Think hard. Is he the man who is going to kill you, or is he once the boy who kissed you?”

No way. It could not be. “Dominic?” Vanessa looked into his eyes. Through other worlds, their features had often changed, but she could always see him through his eyes. They had always been innocent, even when he had stayed in the Nightmare Realm. Yet, now, her eyes darted along his, looking for the boy who had once been her friend. It was hard to tell. This man didn’t exude anything that she remembered about the boy. “You wish me to believe you are the alien gods servant. Dominic, the Apocalypse Boy?”

The expression on his face. It was like he tasted something so vile and disgusting that he needed to spit it out.

“I wouldn’t call him that,” Nightmare King warned her. “He may actually wind up killing even you.”

“This is a trick.” Vanessa moved back quickly. How could she fall off her guard so much? “Pretending to be an old acquaintance of mine to catch sympathy will be the last mistake you’ll ever make.” The aggravation this stranger caused. It felt like the boy called Armageddon, one of a duo of people that had been responsible for Dominic’s mistake. She had not seen them in years though. Still, the frightening vibe Armageddon had caused within her, wasn’t there with the new man. “Who are you?” She tried to kick the dagger out of his hand, but he had turned around and stabbed her leather jacket. It was pinned to the wooden wall behind her now. He edged up closer against her. The eyes. For a moment, she saw it. That faint glimmer. “Answer,” she demanded.

“I’m the kid who was a fool once, a long time ago.” He watched her hands as she tried to grasp the dagger while he was distracted. “I was sent into crazy dimensions, and didn’t even know the first rules of combat.” He grabbed her hand before she pulled the dagger out. “That kid is long since dead. I’m not Dominic anymore, and I sure as hell always hated the name ‘Apocalypse Boy’. I ain’t even a boy anymore. I’m not on the side of the alien asses by choice.”

The language. “Your mouth has become foul. The gods always look down upon that.”

He smiled, wickedly. “Their righteousness can kiss my ass.” His smile faded into that of a warning. “I don’t need to be kind to them. They need me, or I wouldn’t have been pulled out of Hell to fix their mistakes. Infallible? Shit, I heard they screwed up everything more than I ever could.”

He was right about that, but Vanessa didn’t know how to approach him. This man – she didn’t want to believe it. A memory of Dominic’s loving smile flashed in her mind before this man’s face reappeared. It had to be the presence that she was once with, but it was no longer the kind boy she had known in her younger years. The only friend she had once had. “Then, what do I call you?”

“Dominion.” He pulled out the dagger from her leather jacket and placed it in her hands. “Rumor has it that you’re still the Apocalypse Girl.” His eyes roamed over her. “What was the last thing you wanted people to call you before I left?”

“Mistress, but the alien gods refer to me as immortal mortal now. With those closest to me, I am still Vanessa though,” she said boldly, wanting to start on the right foot. “You are right. The duty had been given back to me after you were cast away. However, no one else took up the place you once had. The ones who had been next, fate was unkind to them.”

“Fine, Mistress, I am Dominion.” He gestured to the dagger. “Put Apocalypse in front of Dominion, and I’ll stab you with that quicker than you could ever see it coming.”

“Dominion.” He was rough, older. Sides that she didn’t think she would ever see had come out of him. As kind and forgiving as he had been, this was what was left of the boy from his trip into oblivion. “It is a misfortunate event that you paid for someone else’s treachery, and that the dimensions are unraveling quicker than they can be repaired.”

“Saying ‘Sorry you went to Hell’ with a postcard would have been friendlier than that. Then again, you never were the friendly type.” He finally let her go. “After all, most people would hold a grudge for life if you sent their sister away forever into some cold abyss.” He shrugged. “That’s old news though, buried in the shadows of a mind that no longer gives a shit.”

“I have noticed that,” Vanessa said. “The gods have released you from Hell to correct mistakes. Are you to be the…” Not the same boy. She had no idea what to expect and could not risk it. “… corrector again?”

“Yeah, sure. You’ve been promoted, too.”


“Another has been sent out,” Nightmare King’s voice echoed from the darkness. “You, Vanessa,” he said mockingly, “you are now the guardian of Hell’s beast.”

“Guardian?” What did he mean? She watched Dominion grunt and hold his hands up as bright circular rings appeared around his wrists.

“For some reason, the other aliens think he could be holding a grudge against them for being sent to Hell, and he might not want to help them now. He had been sentenced here until you came. Afterwards, he would be bound to your presence. He cannot kill or leave his chains without your permission,” Nightmare King explained, “or deadly force will be used against him.”

Chains. Vanessa’s eyes followed the bright rings downward. A chain spiraled around Dominion, hovered in the air and came toward the inside of her hand. When she lifted her hand, she was holding the chain. “I don’t understand.”

“Heed my words. He is not the same boy you once knew. He has killed and will kill, at his whim. He is a deadly beast, and if you cannot control him, no one can.”

“Why me?”

“You are the only one his past-self remembers enough not to want to kill. You have the greatest chance of survival with him.”

Dominic. The boy that helped her to feel emotions. Who forgave her for her sins. Who saved her very soul for darkness. He was now a beast that only she could control. She glanced into the darkness around her.

The beast of Hell.

It was one more thing that might potentially kill her in the future, but it at least had some knowledge of her, improving her chances. “Nightmare King. In the past, you stole his memories of his world until he turned nineteen. He is obviously past that age. Did you give them back, as per the contract? It could bring some humanity back to his soul.”

“He didn’t want them back,” the Nightmare King’s voice came from the darkness. “Yes, the little boy that wanted nothing more than to remember his family back then, rejected them. As I stated, watch yourself. Even his soul could not stay pure. Once you leave my dimension, his power will be left to you alone to control. He is now considered Hell’s beast, and with little memories of a real life, you are the only one who connected with him.”

Standing up, Vanessa grasped the chain and then let go. It did not leave her hand – chains clearly built by the superior aliens. She would have to give vocal permission before he left her. “I assume our next visit is to the alien gods themselves?”

Dominic didn’t answer as his size rapidly became bigger. His eyes became cat-like, with slits down their center, and his mouth and nose expanded. He was turning a dusty green, and his nails extended into razor sharp claws. Bending forward, a tail sprouted from his end. He did not stop changing until he was massive with extreme scales. The bindings on his arms had spontaneously moved to his neck during his transformation. He was now a collared, menacing dragon, that roared fire into the air.

Apparently his wolf appearance was only a minor shift if this dragon was any indicator of Dominion’s new power.

All of the gods were lined up like it was a buffet. Dominion sneered as he looked at them all. Self righteous bastards, all of them. They believed he messed up so badly that he deserved Hell, and they couldn’t find their asses out of a paper bag. He barely wagged his tail in the room and some of the smaller gods complained about his size. Good. A dragon wasn’t supposed to fit in their space, which is why he chose it. Besides, they could fix it. When they stopped being lazy asses, they could expand the room.

Vanessa had not pulled the chain on him once. Dominion glanced around, wondering if there were any aliens there that didn’t have superior powers. He’d like to try his teeth out.

“Dominic,” the worst god of them all said as she approached him. It was Lucinda. When he was younger, she had claimed to be a water sprite when they’d traveled together. The one who first said they were ashamed of him, even told him that she would not help him on his quest anymore. She gave him up to the mercy of all the others. No faith. He was a human boy back then that cared, that actually gave a damn. No one had known a good thing when they saw it.

How he would love to sharpen his claws on her first.

“He doesn’t go by that anymore,” Vanessa said for him. “Lucinda, I don’t think he wants to talk to you.”

“Perhaps not, but a gigantic dragon is not appropriate for forum,” Lucinda answered back. “This is the dominion of the Alien gods. We gather here in peace. Kindly have him change into a human form.”

Dominion wanted to kindly throw some fire on her. Opening his jaw, he threatened it with a snarl. Bitch. If roasting her wouldn’t disturb the balance, he wouldn’t have even hesitated. He lifted his tail up in the air, the closest thing he could do to flipping her off in his form.

“Dominion.” Vanessa held his chain tighter. “Somewhere inside you rests the soul of someone who cares. Cease your anger, it will get you nowhere.” The dragon did not change back into a human form.

“Get him under control,” a nameless god said as if she had that kind of power. Vanessa was not superior to Dominion in any way, and from past experiences, dragons didn’t always get along with her. “Get him under control, or you will face the consequences of his actions.”

“I understand that I have been given the task of watching over him,” Vanessa answered back as she cocked one of her legs backward, “yet I do not have any supernatural abilities. I cannot command a dragon. Punishing me as consequence for what I cannot control is petty and childish.”

Vanessa watched as a wave of lightning encircled the god’s head and came right toward her. She tried to move, but she was frozen in place. The others watched with almost no pity. An alien god’s power, directed from such little distance. This was it. She always thought it would be a dragon’s mighty claw reaching out to strike her, or a magic chant that dissolved her. A cut down the stomach. A chopped head. Anything like that. She never thought it would be because she talked too much.

Everything ran through her mind so quickly, but as preoccupied as she had become, she still couldn’t miss the giant tail. Large and scaly, its girth was about her height. It had blocked the attack. Not quick to move out, she waited for someone else to advance.

“So, the rumor is true,” the same nameless god boomed from outside the path of the mighty tail. “The boy sent to Hell cares for nothing, except the one girl he used to know. Whoa!” That last bit was out of the normal, and Vanessa watched as a single claw raised him from the floor. Dominion wanted to fight that god. Like the dimensions, there was a weak and a strong bond between the superior aliens. Destroy even one, and the balance would be off.

“Cease your actions, Dominic!” Lucinda’s voice yelled over the snarl coming from him again. “He was simply testing the extent of Vanessa’s power over you. It is time to make up for your mistake, but we needed to make sure that you could complete your quest.”

“The only reason,” the dragon said with a sneer, “that I am here is to stay out of there, That’s it. I don’t give a crap about couples, about happy endings, and I couldn’t give a flying fuck about you slimy aliens anymore, either.”

The foul language again, directly at Lucinda. He continued to speak that way on purpose, knowing it was not pleasing them. He was so…different. It was hard to believe that the boy who could forgive any crime against him, that held such compassion deep inside, had been in this beast whose chain she held. Vanessa could not deny the fact that his tail had dropped down in time to save her, though. Not only did he not want to kill her, he saved her. As he had done more than once before.

“You refused your memories back,” Lucinda said, addressing him without any fear in her voice. “You are closer to a demon than a mortal now. The bond of friendship you and Vanessa possessed still lies within your heart and it is the only reason you are even allowed near here.”

Dominion did not speak at first. “Test me by trying to kill her again, and I will fuck up every dimension so bad, that none of you will be able to pull your heads out of your asses enough to save them.”

Dominic. Vanessa held her hands in a tight grip. To be the woman she was to become, the woman she needed to be, she had to stay strong. There was no room for any sort of weakness. Even her emotions had been weeded out of her, so that she could perform what was necessary. This was the reason that even though Lucinda had abandoned Dominic, she could not simply turn her back on her. Without Lucinda, Vanessa would be dead right now. Body and soul. Yet, the reason Lucinda had once reached out to her was because of Dominic’s plea.

It was hard to stay strong, picking a side between the two. It would be easier to believe her old friend was dead, consumed by the fires of Hell. Yet, he saved her. A demon beast couldn’t do that. “His name is Dominion,” Vanessa informed Lucinda, “and if he wishes to be a dragon, who am I to decide for him that isn’t best? You are, of course, traitors to him. He will be on better behavior when he is not surrounded by those who have forsaken him.” Clearing that up, and feeling braver, she also corrected another mistake. “Mistress is what you should call me. I am not a mere girl anymore, I was simply stuck in a role that you would not allow me to quit, even after the position was given away once.”

“Understood. Please try to make him refrain from breathing fire on the weaker gods.” Lucinda gestured to her. “Come this way.”

As Vanessa walked, she heard the large footsteps of the beast behind her. Others looked toward her with various expressions. Some seemed to disbelieve that she would do any good against the dragon, some had looks of superiority, while others looked unphased by her completely. She arrived with Lucinda at a small manmade pond. Inside of it, colors swirled around. Water reflection was Lucinda’s specialty – it wasn’t a surprise she would have something to do with water.

“Gaze into the past, the present, and the future.” Lucinda waved her hands over the oily looking water. “We are mighty here, but many of us do not work well together. Saying who can take over which dimension, which change is allowed, or what should have been changed has put a drain upon us all.”

“Just admit that you fucked everything up already and that you aren’t perfect little infallible gods like you want to really be,” Dominion said from behind Vanessa. He still kept his tail near her side.

“I am saying that…what is that old saying?” Lucinda touched her lips. “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the recipe. Something like that. We have done what we thought was best.” She waved her hand over the oily substance. “Many changes have happened since all three of us have last been in physical contact. For one, the only thing we gods did agree upon was that the weaker and stronger bonds already connected needed to be stronger, to hold on more efficiently.”

“You interfered in love matters that were already solved simply to make one of the lovers even stronger. More intense personalities. Darker worlds, tighter grip.” They played with traits that should not be played with in mortals. For their own advantage.

“By creating stronger bonds, it helped strengthen the weakening state of other realities.” Lucinda groaned. “It was supposed to.”

“You believed since they found each other once, they’d find each other again, naturally.” Vanessa nodded. “An alien god would think that way. Nature does not always take a rightful course or we would never have been sent out here in the first place.”

“Not true. Some have done well, while others have struggled. It seems that by changing elements, things change, while love is in the background, faintly.” Lucinda tried to hide a second groan. “No matter what we do, things only get worse.”

That was because messing with a person’s world changed them; affecting someone’s past heritage, culture, or parents, changing them physically, or mentally. The more things were changed, the harder it would become. “Fix the worlds back to the way they once were. Give them their happy endings back.”

“We could,” she admitted, “but, Vanessa, they were still not strong enough. What little bond we had, we needed to strengthen. While it has faired worse with some, others have provided the extra boost needed. Our interference has ended. We realize that we are not what these worlds need now. Please…just…”

Fix it. In the past, they would interact with one lover, and let them know in a few words their role, before leaving again. They had not been a large part of the scene. There was no need to be, it wasn’t their place to get involved. They were simple child messengers. Vanessa suspected that since she had finally been replaced, and Dominic had been taken out of oblivion, that a small message would not be enough. She’d seen the changes that had taken place in just the areas she had visited. In just the areas the gods made her tamper with.

“You will be given two objects. They will help you on your way to restoring the balance.” Lucinda nodded at Vanessa. “Perhaps I was a little premature to step away from your former friend back then. He would have been more helpful as a kind man instead of a vile beast.” Vanessa heard him snarl behind her once again. She could not blame him.

“You will need to be on your guard. Somehow, with messing in creation, many legends have ceased to be, including yours, as I’m sure you know,” Lucinda said softly. “No one would know, or expect what to do, if you came to them. You would be taken as a mere person that was out of your mind, not with the respect of a legend. Besides, these won’t be easy tasks.”

It was clear Lucinda preferred speaking to Vanessa, but she wasn’t feeling hospitable, either. She had the role she had been born to serve taken away, shown a new path in life by Dominic, and then cast back into the role of the destructor of love once again. It was cruel, but she learned to forge her own path. She used her old tricks and came up with new ones. Without a friend anywhere in the known universes, it was easy to do that again. No one cast negative judgment.

Now, they expected her to take a new role again, and the mortal Dominic, whose heart used to burst with kindness was locked in a hellish grudge, snarling at the bottom of a chain she controlled. “If I refuse?” Vanessa wanted to know. “I was the messenger for the star-crossed magnets, I became the companion in helping relationships with Dominion, and then I was sentenced back to destroying the magnets that shouldn’t be. Now, I am expected to control a beast that used to be the closest thing I had to a friend, and clean up your messes. I assume after I do this, you are going to send me back to being the destroyer again? Lucinda?”

“We have finally deemed a new chosen for your previous role.”

“You did that before,” Vanessa warned her. “Things didn’t turn out well.”

“Which is why we didn’t want to rush the decision.” Lucinda tried to touch her shoulder and spoke to her telepathically. If we can get the dimensions strong enough again, strong enough to a point that only children messengers will be needed again . . . then we will free you. Forever. You may join any dimension you would like to live in and be there in peace for the rest of your mortal life. There will be no more servitude to any alien god.

“And Dominion?” She asked, yanking his chain slightly. Will you take him off this chain and finally let him be at peace, Lucinda? she also asked telepathically.

Lucinda didn’t answer her question. In front of her appeared a folder and an amulet. “I wish you luck on your journey. You will need these. The folder contains a file of everything important that has changed from the past. The amulet is for the Hell beast.”

Dominion laid his body down, making it even harder for everyone to be in there. “I don’t need any stinking amulets!”

“Just because your lust for power destroyed your good nature last time . . .”

“I am not taking a shitty amulet!”

“It shows you the past of the world you were involved in – a few, mere moments of clarity. That is all. If more is needed, you can share it with Vanessa. You’ll see the shadows of the past. The time of the lovers now lost and forgotten.”

“I don’t need clarity. I don’t need to remember when I was in each world.”

“It isn’t just for you, Vanessa will see everything too.”

“Double fucking no.”

Vanessa reached out and took the file and the amulet. Although Dominion rejected it, it could be a key to help him find the kind heart he once had. It was more useful in these matters. Lucinda. She addressed her telepathically again. If he uses this, and eventually becomes the person he had once been? Then he is freed too.” Lucinda still didn’t respond. You admitted yourself you should not have done it. If he is to save you, and he can be trusted by himself again, he should be freed.

His reward is being out of the fire, for now, Lucinda finally responded back to her mind. He has spent years there. Even one day is too much to return from. What I sent there has been eaten up, consumed, and anything left over was changed into a beast. “Honestly. Do you believe that is really the same boy that went there? He only has the memories, but not the same heart. He’s not the same charming boy. It is just the memories of the past that will resurface with the amulet.”

“Surprised an icy cold witch knows anything about that.” The dragon whipped his tail in front of Lucinda.

“Dominion.” Vanessa pulled on his chain. He would never be free if he didn’t convince them that he could control himself.

“Sorry, you’re right,” Dominion corrected himself. “I meant to say surprising an icy cold bitch knows anything about that.”

“Proof enough,” Lucinda said. “No morality left, no decency. The only reason he will help is to stay out of Hell for the time being. That’s it. Now, please. It’s up to you to help us get some things fixed.” She gestured toward the pond. “Jump in and face destiny.”

Dominion changed his shape, slowly becoming smaller. He continued to shrink and then changed back to a human shape. Standing beside her only slightly taller, he had morphed clothes onto his being. The chain had shortened between them visually, and they appeared around his wrists again.

“Which world have we been sentenced to help?” Vanessa asked.

“The wolves. When your foe, Armageddon, had gone back in the past, he changed a small thing which will make it impossible for them to be together,” Lucinda stated. “Therefore, you should not need to bother. We simply need them to get into the other dimension. Nature should take care of the rest.” A small snarl, almost like a warning, came from Dominion. “That’s all that is needed for you to know right now.”

Dominion gave a small scoff. “I don’t trust the word foe from your lips. You create your own enemies, and are far from righteous yourselves. You are all uncompassionate bastards.”

Vanessa looked back toward Dominion. Armageddon messed with the past when he was there. He screwed around with Dominic’s family. He was the reason Vanessa was manipulated into hurting his sister. He was the very reason Dominic was sent to Hell.

Why would he ever say such a thing to defend Armageddon? She tried to hand the amulet to Dominion, but he just snorted the way he had done in his dragon form. “Dominion.” He groaned once before grabbing the amulet hastily and placing it over his head. It dangled with a shiny brilliance, emitting a glowing red. He tucked it into his shirt to hide the glow. “My past. That’s it. I hate seeing fucking happily ever afters.”