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Just An Experiment
75% Complete
300,000 of 400,000 words
Summary: Something horrible happened in Burbank and it landed Yakko and Wakko in a maximum security prison. After they finally get out, Dot does not resurface. When they discover where she could have went, a secret must come out and a dangerous adventure begins…

Just An Experiment: Just An Experiment was finished, complete, and loved by so many Animaniac fans once upon a time. It was kept on, but as so many of my others went, so too did this one. It was written in the era where songfics, and computer speak were still allowed. It was deleted and disappeared from the internet.

It has been awhile since 2007 when it was written, but I am now bringing it back. Not to but to A03 and to Wattpad. Because it is being rebrought out, I have also added bonus material that was not in the original fiction. The bonus material was kept only on my site back then, and it included missing parts of the story.

I loved Just An Experiment. It was one of my favorite fanfictions I wrote and still appreciate to this day. It is addicting, adventurous, heartbreaking, and yet still incredibly funny.


Part of this (The first few chapters) were re-edited a teeny bit for exclamation points, but other than that, I am really afraid to touch this one. It will be coming to the site soon instead, for those who enjoy it but can deal with the editing issues. I will keep editing tidbits but I won’t do anything extreme.

-+> Chapter One: Visiting Day
-+> Chapter Two: Surprising Discoveries
-+> Chapter Three: Meet The Experiments
-+> Chapter Four: Happy Pictures
-+> Chapter Five: Something Wicked This Way Comes
-+> Chapter Six: Goodbye Beloved Water Tower
-+> Chapter Seven: Don’t Even Get To Say Goodbye
-+> Chapter Eight: Everyone Needs a Hero
-+> Chapter Nine: Caress Sings Well?
-+> Chapter Ten: Meet Dr. Fay

This point forward is unedited for now, unless it says otherwise

-+> Chapter 11: Polka Dot’s Confirmation
-+> Chapter 12: Red Flower and Yellow Flower
-+> Chapter 13: A Disrupted Signal
-+> Chapter 14: Revenge is Sweets
-+> Chapter 15: Listening To Pinky 
-+> Chapter 16: Cookies Are The End of the Universe! 
-+> Chapter 17: Yakko Knew?
-+> Chapter 18: No Love, Just Cookies
-+> Chapter 19: Starting To Believe
-+> Chapter 20: T.I.G.E.R.S?

-+> Chapter 21: These Are The Days For Our Warners
-+> Chapter 22: No One Knew About Them
-+> Chapter 23: Meeting HIM (Now includes video post inside for song)
-+> Chapter 24: Welcome Home
-+> Chapter 25: A Wiggle Problem
-+> Chapter 26: Meeting Grammy Happy
-+> Chapter 27: Tiger’s Unhappy Adventure (Unedited)
-+> Chapter 28: Paddleball Memories (Unedited)
-+> Chapter 29: Fluffy Fishing (Unedited)
-+> Chapter 30: Paddleball Tango (Unedited)

-+> Chapter 31: Dreamy Flowers (Unedited)
-+> Chapter 32: Candy and Colored Rainbows (Unedited)
-+> Chapter 33: Blamed Hero (Unedited)
-+> Chapter 34: Is This The End? (Unedited)
-+> Chapter 35: Not Right
-+> Chapter 36: Wakko’s Amazing Wacky Sack
-+> Chapter 37: Mikey’s Decision
-+> Chapter 38: My, How Things Used To Be
-+> Chapter 39: Aroma’s Song
-+> Chapter 40: Yakko’s Competition

-+> Chapter 41: The REAL Aroma Steps Forward
-+> Chapter 42: Tiny Mistake Corrected
-+> Chapter 43: Tripping Through Time
-+> Chapter 44: One More Fall
-+> Chapter 45 Part I: Wakko’s New Home/ -+> Part II: For the Love of Pets
-+> Chapter 46 Part I: For The Moment/ -+> Part II: Keep Hope Alive
-+> Chapter 47: Putting The Pieces Together
-+> Chapter 48 Part I: Wakko’s Decision/ -+> Part II: A Future Lost
-+> Chapter 49: Yakko takes Action! Right?
-+> Chapter 50: Meeting the Future


-+> Chapter 51 Part I: How NOT To Act Around A Mate/ -+> Part II: LONG time no see!
-+> Chapter 52: Looking For Answers
-+> Chapter 53 Part I: Wakko Steps Up/-+>Chapter 53 Part II: Is It Really Goodbye Scratchy? 
-+> Chapter 54: No More Choice
-+> Chapter 55: A Way Out
-+> Chapter 56: Fixing A Mistake
-+> Chapter 57: If I Did, It Wouldn’t Be From You

Chapters 58 and Onward will arrive once I get some editing headway into these chapters before it.


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