Some of my books are getting finished, but this site isn’t about ‘finishing’, it’s about writing stories.:) So of course while some finish it means that new ones get to come in. (Yay!) Here are three new books that will be coming soon to be worked on.

Category: Animaniacs: The Problems with Revenge: You’ve probably seen the cover on the front of the Animaniac category for some time. It’s there because I knew it’d eventually be coming. I want to finish JAE completely with it’s editing, but then it will come. It is an interesting piece, I’ll give it that much. My usual oc’s act a little different because this is essentially their first ‘acting job’ that never made the cut to I thought it was too mature. I have a site now, and probably Ao3 that I can take it to now. The world has changed, so maybe it’s ready for this puppy. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.

Category: Undertale: Home Sweet Sans: You read some of it if you were quick enough! I was deliberating whether I would go with it as an added part to Momma Toriel, since it could have a place with the plot or not. I decided against it, I felt like the MC’s were just clashing against each other too much, as well as the darkening weird tone. What you saw though is really similar. It’s going to be super dark, and I really didn’t want to rush it.

Category: Original: Flowers For July: This is the sequel to It Sucks Being Romeo and Juliet, but it’s the next generation. It takes place around the fourth of july instead and goes from there, not from one july to another. A fun summer read, I like Fourth of July stories.:)

That’s it for now. I can only work on so many, and I still have more I am working on, but these can kind of replace the workload of Momma Toriel Didn’t Raise No Pacifist, Just An Experiment, and my originals are always moving along so Flowers for July is no biggie. If it doesn’t get done this summer, it will probably move into the next summer. It’s done that before. Mainly because it was supposed to be published, but I didn’t know how to give it that mainstream edge, so it will just be itself now. Which is how I prefer my stories to be.:)

I will also be adding the middle part between It Sucks Being Romeo and Juliet and Flowers for July now. It’s not my favorite, but people can see why Flowers for July happened the way it did.




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