Papyrus groaned between the back and forth, hearing both Frisk and Sans, while glancing at the kids just playing outside. It was nice for a backyard. The weather there wasn’t as bright and shiny, but it was doing better than the inside right now. Sans and Frisk were both not backing down about a serious topic.

“What do you think?” Sans threw the ball in his direction. Frisk was also looking in his direction.

Papyrus looked back toward the outside. They both had good points. Sans didn’t want Toriel and Asgore to have anymore ammunition to help Frisk’s parents get custody. Neither of them could guarantee how that would turn out. However, Frisk couldn’t bear just letting Toriel and Asgore not know. They would also eventually figure it out, but Sans didn’t want to deal with it until he was ready. That’s what he said, but what he meant was more time to prove he was a good father. Or maybe, more time to even prove he should be with Frisk? His brother’s vibes were unsettling. “My recommendation?”

Their eyes were both on him, like he was the third party that was going to decide something very big. Like, he would ultimately make the best decision? “Well?” He looked back toward the kids playing outside. “Well, you know the good news is, Sans, that the queen never officially divorced Asgore. That means things aren’t that bad?”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Frisk asked Papyrus.

“Means Asgore could have married you to claim them instead,” Sans muttered. “You’re right, it’s great. Don’t need a positive side to see, just need to know what you think. Stop stalling, please?”

“I know Toriel. Even if she doesn’t know me, I lived with her, Sans,” Frisk reminded him. “I. I know she isn’t going to rip our children away, but she deserves to know.”

“Yeah, sure. I like Tori too,” Sans said to her. “But, uh, if you think she’s just going to smile and say ‘so nice to see their alive’, and walk away all hunky dory, you don’t know monsters quite as well.”

“It is a valid point,” Papyrus had to agree. “Monsters are very sound and logical, except when it comes to a few things. One of the big ones, family. Yes. I imagine after thinking they were dead all this time, this second chance, I?” Oof. Most likely, the selfish preserving monster genes would kick in. She and Asgore could do anything from reaffirming their relationship to be sound, to using Frisk’s parents as an excuse to pull the children toward them.

It sounded preposterous. Yet, monsters and their children. Instinct. Then, he snapped his fingers. “A proposal!”

“Duh,” Sans said. “That’d secure Frisk and everyone. I already gotta do that.”

“Not that kind of proposal,” Papyrus told Sans. “No, no, no. Frisk’s parents asked about a contract. I think it would be most fitting in this situation, if there was a very solid contract.” He noticed Sans giving him an urking kind of stare with his light-guiders. A little misshapen and blinking. Well, they asked. “If it’s one family. Live as one family.”

“Live with Toriel and Asgore?” Frisk asked.

“Toriel, Asgore, soon-to-be mum, pop, and Papyrus,” Sans corrected her. Tersely.

” . . . me, Sans, Al, Juleyard?” Frisk asked. “Nine people all together.”

“Plus the other two on the way,” Sans reminded her. “Eleven. Hey, Skeletons like family. Used to big families. In history.”

“Yes,” Papyrus confessed. “In history. Truth being, it’s mostly only ever been me and Sans.” Papyrus stroked his bony chin. “Plus, with the future-in-laws around? I’m not sure how close your parents would want you toward Sans.”

“Monsters. Don’t like to share,” Sans reminded Papyrus. “Everyone in there, I . . . yeesh.”

Yes. Toriel and Asgore would want to be mothering and fathering their children, Sans and Frisk would want theirs, and Frisk’s parents would probably at the same time, be trying to find a suitable human to entice Frisk with instead. Especially since they would now have Toriel and Asgore to help defend. There could be an all-out coup, or Toriel and Asgore joining forces with Frisk’s parents, so that Frisk ended up with a human, they had the children full time and- “My mind is getting out of control!” Papyrus grabbed his skull.

“An agreement,” Frisk said to Sans. “Papyrus is on the right track. We need to all agree to make something.” It would be a large home, but it would be worth it. “Asgore and Toriel should know.” Frisk gestured out the window. “Look at them.”

Papyrus had been. “They have been playing delightfully.”

“We’ve watched all four of them play.” Frisk sighed softly. “When I came up, it wasn’t long before I knew I wasn’t a child. I could feel it. I couldn’t ‘pretend’. But, the will of Sunburst and Jewel? They are playing. They want to. It isn’t the same as me.”

“They’re kids, same as ours,” Sans said to Papyrus. “I don’t know what to do here. I don’t want to . . .” Lose them. “And as polite as the ‘future in-laws’ be? There’s no way they are just gonna agree to let me stay with Frisk as anything more than a friend.”

“Which we are,” Frisk pointed out, “but losing that-”

“They can’t find a way to kick us out,” Sans finished for her. “It’s not right. They’re . . .” he rubbed his bony fingers together. “They’re mine too, Beautiful.”

“Yes,” Frisk agreed. “How are we all going to work this out?” Frisk looked toward Papyrus. “We should work it out, in writing, first, before we even meet anyone with the kids. No one gets full power of anyone. We need to be sure of that. Do any of them know our location?”

“So?” Al came over toward Sans late that night. “Gettin’ kinda late? Need food for the tum-tum?”

“Come,” Papyrus said, taking Al and Juleyard’s hands. “Uncle Papyrus will get all of you something to eat.”

Meanwhile, Sans and Frisk were on the speaker. Waiting. Making a contract that benefitted everyone wasn’t as easy as anyone made it. After explaining the destiny, and the reason the kids were all together, everything broke loose. There were loose ends all over the place. The current one?

“Mom,” Frisk called out to her. “That’s not going to work.”

“Guaranteeing that he can still see the kids, even if you end up with someone else-”

“It don’t work that way, Josephine!” Sans went off toward the speaker. “My kids. Frisk had my kids. My kids are in her stomach.”

“My daughter does not automatically belong to you!” Josephine went back off on him.

Frisk heard her father trying to calm her mother down while she glanced at Sans. She went over toward him. He wasn’t doing so well. “You okay?”

“They aren’t gonna agree to anything.” Sans shrugged. “Pack everything up and pull it all away from Ol’ Sans, I guess I’m not worth a damn to them.”

Damn. Frisk moved back toward the speaker. “Mom?”

“She’s too frazzled right now, Frisk,” her father said. “You have no say so in your life. You were eight last time you were even around another human boy so much, just giving in and marrying a Skeleton isn’t necessary. He can still see his children.”

“Ooh, I get to ‘see’.” Sans made quotation marks in the air.

“I’m sure he’s a fine monster,” her father continued, “but you are human. When in history has that ever worked out?”

“You were just a child, Frisk! You hadn’t even been around another man your own age now.” Her mother came back to the speaker. “How will you feel the next time you meet a human and you do feel attraction? You’ll be married to a Skeleton, for security. This contract is your chance to feel some freedom.”

“Okay, how about this?” Her father interrupted on the speaker one more time. “If your soon to be husband really respected you, then he’d want you to be happy. You should know before your marriage whether you are attracted to someone else. It wouldn’t be fair to him otherwise. If you aren’t, then get married.”

“Jonathan!” Frisk’s mother complained to him.

“If you are? Then, he can still stay, just like he ended up with you. Still see the kids. Complete rights.”

Frisk glanced toward Sans. He looked like he was itching to throw the speaker down on the ground. Nothing but worries. Nothing but problems. Sans wanted to take her around and make her feel better, and she was just feeling worse. This’ll never work. They’ll hunt for us now. We’ll have to leave the safety. We’ll be exposed. They’ll take everything from me. Then they’ll take my will away from my soul. It’s inevitable.

“Put Queen Toriel back on,” Sans insisted to the speaker.

“Sans?” Toriel’s voice came over the speaker. “This situation is never going to correct itself. You know that I would never leave anyone hurting in this situation?” Aw, you could just hear the pleasant smile in her voice. “Just quit working, come to us, and we can own you and Frisk. We already own Frisk’s parents, so it would all work out.”

Okay, not so much. Frisk ruffled her hair in frustration. Owning, owning, owning. The details might be wrapped up in a contract, but when it came down it, ‘owning’ was still everything to everyone. The one on top of their mutual agreement was the winner.

Everyone knew that, including her parents. Ownership. Everyone wanted ownership of her, like she was some prize with no say-so. Frisk stood up and moved around as Toriel asked if she could speak to them finally. No contact had been made either way for anyone. Still, she was persistant.

It was her children. Frisk moved toward the window, looking outward. The speaker was moving from Toriel’s sweet voice, to her mother’s hardened voice, to Asgore’s dictating voice, back to her father’s trying to be reasonable voice. It didn’t matter the tone though, they were all after the same thing like a vicious pack of wolves.

Ownership of Frisk. Own the mother, own everything. Own visiting rights. Own her future. Own whether Sans could even see the kids.

“Huh?” Sans voice came from afar. “Sorry, I dozed off. Bullshit tends to make me tired.”

Frisk turned back around and looked toward the couch. They couldn’t just take anything. Sans wouldn’t take just anything. Yes, Toriel and Asgore deserved to see and raise their own children. It was their second chance, but they were still theirs and Sans’ too. But her parents? They just had this image in their head like Sans was forcing himself over her. In a way, it was true, but it was only for the kids.

Plus, he hadn’t even been pushing physically. Heck, they were still sleeping in the same room with the kids. They were steady, learning and feeling their way around the situation.

“The ones who are the most fit in the situation are the owners, and clearly Asgore and I are the most fit! We’re royalty, we will do what is right! I want to hear them, Sans!” Even Toriel’s voice was showing how much she was losing it on the speaker. “Frisk’s parents want to keep you separated, but we won’t. Asgore and I will let you marry Frisk right away, right now if you want.”

More arguing in the background with that statement.

“You know what? Kids are hungry. Me and Frisk, I bet we are getting hungry too,” Sans said to the speaker. “So, we’re all gonna go eat. You fight amongst yourselves. Talk to you soon.” He turned off the speaker. “Come on, Frisk. Food would do us good.” He looked toward her. “Heh. Weren’t in a physical battle, but you look more drained than if you were in one.” Frisk watched him come over. “Food.”

“They’re never going to get along. They’ll never agree to anything,” Frisk said as she drug herself over to the kitchen. “This couldn’t be a bigger mess. All because of those stupid scientists.”

“Destiny, Frisk,” Sans corrected her. “Forget it. Food is the only thing that needs to be on the mind. We gotta recharge after that.”

Frisk knew what he meant. There was no board, and no battle, but her body felt taxed. How were they all going to agree to anything? “How are you doing, Hand-some?”

“Could be better, Beautiful,” Sans answered her back, “but just focusing on food right now. Baby steps.”

“I meant.” Frisk had stayed out of it. The less she knew, the better, but now she needed to know. “The job. Being an assassin.”

“Ah.” Sans caught her drift. “Not out there hammering away on innocents.”

Okay, she put it another way. “Any guilt?”

“None in the least. Dodingo takes care of people involved in the experiments with Monsters. They all deserve to die, so let’s eat.” They reached the kitchen and Sans reached out toward a sandwich, already prepared on the corner. He was about to take a bite, but offered it to Frisk instead before he did. “Here ya go.” He dug around to make his own sandwich.

Frisk took the sandwich but noticed Papyrus’ expression. Something inside of him seemed to really show that he had been beyond delighted. What was there to be delighted about? They were still miles away from fixing anything. As Sans finished making a sandwich, Papyrus patted him on the back.

“You will be fine,” he said. Yes, enthusiasm, it was definitely heard in his voice. “The kids are all wonderful too. Each of them ate a little. Although I doubt being in the same body they each need to take turns eating, but it felt fitting.”

Frisk took a bite of her sandwich. Not even thinking for a second until, “Thanks, Sans.” Where were her manners? Out the window with her brain.

Ah, ah, ah! Papyrus came over toward Sans, talking to him telepathically as he stared at his brother. You gave her the sandwich. That I made for you, you gave it to her. You gave her food!

Yeah, Sans added back. So?

So? You gave up food! Why didn’t you tell me you were really starting to like the human?

I didn’t say that.

You gave up food!

And I sold food, Pap, point being? 

Papyrus patted his head as if in affection. You gave up the food that I gave you, and I know you were hungry after this whole mess. You even reached for it. He looked like he was about to start crying. You fell for the one who will be your wife! This is great news.

Sans just stared at his sandwich. Depending who ends up on top.

I knew it, that’s admission! I accept that as admission. Papyrus waved toward Frisk. Frisk was stuffing her face, but waved back. Oddly. He got up and headed out of the room, going back toward his phone. This needed to be known, and there was no way Sans was going to say it.

Toriel and Asgore’s Cover House

“Thank you for letting me know, Papyrus,” Toriel insisted. “In this whole mess, it’s good to hear that.” She hung up her phone. So. Sans was actually falling for Frisk. Could it be the other way too? She moved back toward Josephine and Jonathan. Both of them were arguing over the situation. Everyone seemed to be taking turns.

After so long . . . so many years, believing they were gone and they would never come back. They were back. Her children. All she could think of was hearing them. Interacting with them. Seeing them. But? This wasn’t just about her, this was about Frisk and Sans too. And in all that mess, Frisk’s parents also dwelled.

However, she didn’t know within the month of staying with Frisk, Sans actually developed feelings. If this was the case, then there was more to it than making sure he also stayed with his children. He deserved a chance with Frisk as well.

“I won’t, we can’t.” Josephine crossed her arms on the couch. “We are ‘adopted’ by Toriel and Asgore, so we have no say in our own daughter’s life? We should just let her be given away?”

“I didn’t say that,” Jonathan countered her. “I’m saying, that, Frisk does deserve to see if she wants to do this, but ultimately, if this is what she wanted? Then, maybe we need to accept it. He may be monster, but . . . Sans hasn’t done anything. I propose that deal.”

“You cannot take Frisk from Sans,” Asgore said to them both clearly, “without having a better area in life, and you are being raised by us now. Even demanding she try to see if she’s attracted to other humans? That is wrong.” Asgore moved around the room. “Sans the Skeleton will get Frisk, because he will not jeopardize anything else.”

Toriel knew what he meant. They still hadn’t even heard from them. Asriel. Chara. Alive and well, playing like the children they used to be? She wiped her eyes that were becoming blurry. Sans deserves happiness too though. There was little Sans had in his life besides taking care of his brother, and if Papyrus was right and he was starting to care with more affection to the human woman? “We should have them get married now, Asgore.”

“What?!” Josephine cried out. “That’s even worse than Jonathan’s idea! Frisk gets no say in any of this?”  She was starting to tear up. “She already grew up without me, I won’t just leave her to be enslaved!”

“It’s not enslavement, it’s taking care of her,” Toriel insisted. She looked toward Asgore. “There’s no way this is ever going to work out perfectly. A contract can still be overridden by us. We should take this as a natural order.”

“It might be the best way,” Asgore agreed. “Marry Frisk and Sans together, but let Sans lose his shelter and control. We would have complete control of the children, but he would have control of his wife. We could allow that.”

“No you can’t,” Jonathan interrupted. “You can’t just fling her to someone. Look?” He held his hands up. “We’ve come to know each other pretty well over the last month. We respect each other, but Frisk needs some of that respect too. I propose what I did before. Let Frisk be free to see other humans, date other humans, and if nothing comes of it. If she has no attraction, than let her marry Sans the Skeleton.”

“And how do you propose we do that?” Asgore asked him. “There is something that you are forgetting in the process of ‘protecting’ your daughter? My entire Underground Kingdom was burned to nothing, just to get her.”

“Letting other humans try to develop anything ‘romantic’, is dangerous for her,” Toriel agreed. “You would have to know them. You would have to trust them. You would have to expose her into a dangerous world. With child even! The idea is preposterous. Sans will take very good care of her.”

“The children were an accident,” Josephine said softly. “It was all an accident. To simply say ‘he wins’ because of this accident is wrong.” She looked toward Jonathan. He held out his hand to her. “But, monsters are good. Jonathan’s right. Besides this phone call, Sans the Skeleton has been nothing but nice.” She watched as her husband stroked the back of her hand tenderly. “Give Frisk a chance to explore her own species, and if she finds nothing redeeming, then let him marry her.”

Humans. Their ideas were just so different.

“This may be the only way.” Asgore looked toward Toriel. “We can’t abandon these two, they will be found and killed. Yet, this is the best of a compromise we are getting with these two involved in this situation. As long as they are here, we must respect them too.”

“Sans won’t agree.” Nor should he! He had taken very good care of Frisk and his children. No monster would even feel the right to complain about him. Humans. A vision of her children flashed in her head. As much I love my children, and Frisk loves hers? They love Frisk too, and Frisk loves them. She won’t want to be separated from them, but they won’t back off of this. Humans were such a stubborn race. Their determination, especially Josephine’s! They couldn’t even care for themselves, yet somehow they were able to call the shots on this decision.

They could find another set of monsters to take care of Frisk’s parents, leave, and raise their children with Frisk and Sans only. But that would mean Frisk and her family would never see them again. Or?

They would have to compromise. “I will be right back,” she said softly.

Sans’ Cover House . . .

Frisk sat there, silently, as she was processing what Toriel had said. Sans was quiet too.

“No matter what,” Toriel’s voice came delicately through the speakerphone, “we would never kick Sans out of his children’s lives. If we agree to this? We can all live as one, but Frisk will have to associate with other men too before selecting Sans. This is not easy to accept, I know, but they are not going to be liveable with in any other way. They just want her to have some kind of choice. Or? Asgore and I are willing to even come over there. We are willing to be under Sans’s care even, but that would mean he inherits the Underground if he was above the queen and king. We could also watch for you instead, a much better solution, and we promise we will not interfere. Truly, we just want to be with them! But. It is up to you.”

Frisk moved away from the couch. Her hormones were getting the best of her. Or maybe? The fact that she was being asked if she wanted to throw her parents out of her life forever. I never got the chance to be with them! I deserve to be with them, we’re family. The kids should see them. Her parents weren’t vindictive or mean, they just cared too much. They didn’t want her being given away to ‘some monster’ because of an ‘accident’. That’s what they saw, and they wouldn’t see anything else! Toriel and Asgore were willing to give up anything, even their own control of the Kingdom. Anything.

“I’ll get back to you, Tori,” Sans said before cutting off the conversation. “Hey, Papyrus? Why don’t you go hang out with the kids? I think their doing a puzzle right now.”

“Ooh, okay.” Papyrus got up and walked off. “No problem, Sans. Just let me know if you need me.”

Frisk stared out the window where the kids had previously been playing. Their choices were all laid out now. Three of them. Give into her parents, so that they could all manage to live together peacefully. Or, Asgore and Toriel would ‘adopt’ them, or Sans would take the role of essentially being King. She had no qualms about having Toriel and Asgore in their lives, the other two choices weren’t the burden her mind was on.

She never got to be with her parents in the double time-line. If it hadn’t been for Asgore, they’d already be dead now. Those weren’t options either way, but this had been. To completely leave them out of their lives forever, was her choice.

“Hey.” She heard Sans’ voice from behind her. “This whole ‘trying to help you relax day’ turned into shit. Sorry about that. Need to work better on my timing.” He was trying to joke. “Being around frightened humans is dangerous, Frisk, but being around angry ones is twice as bad. You think you can convince them of anything?”

“Momma,” Frisk said softly, “is nothing but determination. She’d never listen. Dad might but, he won’t completely go against her. He’s too kind to do that.”


“Even if I compromised, the human soul is so powerful, and controlled by emotions. I can’t guarantee . . .” She saw his point of view, now more than ever. “The potion that Alphys had used in the double timeline to weaken determination?”

“We could get some more. We had some for those scientists, but it’s not forever,” Sans admitted. “Few drops go almost a couple days.”

“But sprinkling them daily to make sure they don’t accidentally kill you?” Frisk turned away. “Wh-who will watch them?” She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t put him, or any of the others at risk. Until they both came to terms with the situation, and accepted it emotionally? She wasn’t going to risk playing referee. Even if she did somehow miraculously convince Sans that she should ‘explore humanity romantically?’ There was no guarantee those feelings wouldn’t lash out. This wasn’t Underground. There were no boards. “Who will watch them?” Frisk repeated again.

She waited until Sans came back. “Tori said the Snowdrake family might watch them. They’d get an upgrade in their cover house. The Temmie family, they might also be encouraged to take them for the upgrade in identity. You want this?”

No. No, of course not. She wanted to see her family everyday. She wanted her children to grow up knowing them. Family picnics. Conversations. Spending time together on the holidays. New holiday memories. A whole new beginning with them. “Tell them I love them.” She barely managed it as she moved from the room.


Frisk grieved and tried to compose herself in her room at the same time. It’s no different. I’m just destined to never be with them. She watched Sans come in, but she couldn’t shelter her feelings anymore. Not only would he know them anyway, but she just couldn’t physically put up a block against them right now.

“So, I talked it out with Tori, and she talked it out with your parents,” Sans said as he trotted into the room. “I’ll do the job, be Dodingo, but uh, Asgore will control the money. Me as a King, it just wouldn’t fly,” he tried to chuckle. “Um. I. I trust Tori on this next part. They put up a lot on offer, you know? So . . . I mean it’s risky either way.” Sans shrugged. “They just want to be with their family, no other reason to go against it.”

Frisk watched him. He was dragging it out.

“Since they are going to control us, there’s no reason we have to get together right now, as husband and wife. Um? Basically?” He sighed. “They want to adopt us too, and the kids, and your parents. We’re all technically gonna be their children now.”

Frisk blinked.

“Yeah. Your mom is now your sister. Yay for monster ways of doing things, huh?” Sans chuckled. “If we play it that way instead, then we don’t have to play it any other way at first. No marriage or nothin’. Not forever though. They might control the kingdom, but keeping things like this after the kingdom is re-established is . . . cheatin’?” Sans tried that word. “Because the kingdom is disjointed, scattered all over the place undercover, nobody can really ‘review’ what they’re doing right now,” Sans said a little more clearly. “Afterwards though, it’s going to be clear that Toriel and Asgore didn’t really adopt me, Papyrus, you, your mom, your dad, Jewel-Yard and Sunburst-Al out of the kindness of their hearts. Ain’t no monster falling for that shit.”

Oh. A small reprieve for her parents?

“So, during that time, your parents will be sprinkled. A lot. A whole lot,” he emphasized. “Might not be the most pleasant talks between us, especially ’cause once the new kingdom is safe, you’ll still technically end up with me, unless some rule changes.” Sans shook his head. “Wouldn’t count on that, especially now. Toriel and Asgore aren’t going to be rocking that boat.”

Oh. “We’re still ‘steady’,” Frisk said.

“Yeah. Remind me to really get you a letter jacket now,” Sans said. “It’ll piss your parents off. ‘Cause I know you love them. You want to be with them. You deserve to be with them. But that’s not much true for me right now.” He jiggled his hands in his coat. “Our new ‘ma’ also says we need to go on some real dates before the jig is up. The better your parents see us as mutually in this, the better things should go. At least in her head.”

It was a compromising situation. A tough, compromising situation.

“Kids won’t be sleeping with us anymore obviously,” Sans told her, “but hopefully this’ll start making you feel better.”

Frisk nodded. They get to come. Finally. Thoughts of her parents drifted into her head. They could be a part of her life again, and of the children’s lives. There was still something waning with Sans though, she could tell. He had something else to add.

“Not going to spend the rest of my life sprinkling your parents,” he warned her. “I’m giving them a chance, for you. ‘Cause you never got it. But if I still can’t trust them by the end of this whole ‘adoption’, even living in the same neighborhood isn’t going to be an option. We’ll find them a permanent identity, back out in their world for them to be safe.” He had a slight groan, like he almost regretted what he was going to say next. “But, if they do come around, they can live with us and in the castle too after the kingdom is situated.”

Really? “Sans.” Frisk didn’t know what to say. He didn’t trust them. They weren’t exactly the kindest to him. The words they used with him. And he was still giving that much of a chance, for her? Officially best friend in the world! She lunged for him, giving him the biggest hug. “Thank you so much, Sans!”

Sans rubbed his chin. “Papyrus, he’s gonna help make the old house a part of the castle. Same basic layout, but um, it’ll feel like home better.” He hugged her back a little. “Not only that, but I’ll get my old job back. No way whatever I do can overturn their power afterward, so it’s not like I’m sitting on my pelvis. Tori won’t let me. She already said that.” He shrugged. “I mean seriously, make me move into a posh castle but say I’m on my own for stuff?” Yet, there was a faint smile. “You can work too and do something if you want. I know you might not be made for a home momma life, and Tori will be there. Maybe even your mom, if things turn out okay. Up to you.”

It was a lot to ask for. Talking would be strained, but? If they could just learn to get along, they could stay in her life.

“That’s pretty much all I can say. Barely remember my mom. And my dad?” He kind of made a strangled noise. “Nevermind. That a little better, Beautiful?”

“More than enough, Hand-some.” She held him even tighter. She never imagined he’d select something like that. “Are they all coming at once?”

“Not right away. Your mom and dad are gonna stay with the Temmies a few extra days, so Toriel and Asgore get a chance to know the kids and adapt a bit. Less strain. That okay?”

“Absolutely.” Boy. She did not want to let that fabulous man go. For being ‘selfish and lazy’ like others had called him before, he was being anything but.

“Yeah, yeah. I forgive people for killing pretty easy nowadays,” Sans joked. “They ain’t got LOVE, but their regular love is putting up a battle. Hopefully it won’t last forever. Now, you want another sandwich? Kitchen is finally empty. Having two wills inside souls apparently means a healthier appetite.”

Frisk nodded as he jostled her his way and walked with her.

“You want me to make you a sandwich?”

Frisk knew how to make her own sandwich, but she wouldn’t turn something he wanted to do for her down. Especially now. “Sure.”